Used engine oil or waste engine oil

is a used lubricant or waste engine oil which come from in any use of the machine. Besides the function and usefulness. Oil used engine oil can also be recycled to produce oil that can be used for the manufacture of new oil or new lubricant oil.
Generally used engine oil or waste engine oil is obtained from the waste collector, it can be collected in any variety of places such as workshops, manufacturers, and also from various industries of small, medium or large. Even the ships of industry can also generate used oil.
In all the basic principles of mechanical process engine can generate used oil.

Used engine oil is composed of two main major components;
1. Hydrocarbon, as the core of manufacture lubricants
2. Additive, wide variety of chemical additives used in the manufacture of lubricating oil, there are a variety of purposes and functions of the addition of these additives. Among them is to prevent clotting, improve lubrication of the oil, thus reducing frictional resistance to metal surface, and there are added for emulating between oil and water from the burning fuel.

Used engine oil may consist of a mixture of shared dirty oil in it. But for professionals who are dealing with waste or dirty oil collection effort does not face any problem.
Differentiation can be done by using the sense of smell, burning and so on.

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Used Engine Oil product specifications are:
Water content max 5%
Sulphur max 2%

Packing using Flexibag 20MT without heating pad

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