Floculant Cationic, NKS-FLOC N11921S is a cationic type floculant which has high molecular weight base on polyacrylamide structure.

Typical properties

Appearance: white free flowing
Bulk density (g/cm3): 0.8 ± 0.05
Particle size (mm): 1.25
Molecular weight: 12 x 106
pH (5 g/liter solution): 4.5 ± 1
Viscosity 5 g/l solution (cps): 650
Solution strength (g/liter) 
              Maximum: 10
              Recommended: 10
Storage stability 
             Solution (days): 2
             Dry product (months): 12
Dosage: 1-10 kg/tone dry solid


NKS-FLOC N11921S is a mostly used for dewatering of digest sludge and the flotation sludge.

Storage & handling

Store in dry place at a temperature below than 35C.
Do not spill outside spillage, should be cleaned up rapidly, and caution for slippery surface.