Knowing and Getting the Caustic Soda Flake – NaOH

For sure, there are many chemical substances present in our life, including the caustic soda flake – NaOH. Without a doubt, every chemical substance has its own properties and characteristics. As well, we need to know well about it since some properties and characteristics are considered dangerous to human. For that reason, we are going to discuss on the natures, properties, characteristics and others regarding the caustic soda flake – NaOH or sodium hydroxide. By knowing such knowledge, we can keep safe from the danger of caustic soda flake – NaOH and may make use of its functions.

caustic soda flake, NaOH
caustic soda flake, NaOH

First of all, we must know that sodium hydroxide or caustic soda flake – NaOH is the English name, while the molecular formula is NaOH. Sodium hydroxide or caustic has a molecular weight of 40.00. For information, the pure product of NaOH is colorless and transparent crystal. The state for this caustic soda is solid, but this formula is sold in two kinds of liquid state. In addition to the solid one, we may also find the purely liquid one. The color for the purely solid sodium hydroxide is white. Additionally, the solid one is fragile and in form of bulk and bar-shaped granular. In the meantime, the purely liquid caustic is colorless and transparent.

After that, we must know that such caustic soda flake – NaOH has dangerous properties we must be aware of. This caustic soda flake – NaOH may cause such chemical burns if it contacts human tissue that is not protected. Of course, this is not the only emergency overview we need to know. Similarly, the caustic soda flake – NaOH may cause permanent injury of scarring. What is more, this formula can make us blind if it contacts our eyes. For sure, this is really dangerous. Thus, we must use such protective equipment like safety clothing, rubber gloves, and eye protection when we are going to handle this caustic or its solution. Furthermore, the dissolution of caustic soda flake – NaOH can also cause similar dangerous effects. It is very exothermic, which means that the resulting heat can ignite flammables or cause heat burns. Then, when caustic soda flake – NaOH is reacted with acids, it can produce heat. However, caustic soda flake – NaOH is corrosive to some metals like aluminum. Mildly, caustic soda flake is corrosive to glass, able to cause freezing of ground glass joints.

After that, we also need to learn about the uses of caustic soda flake – NaOH other than its dangerous features. Sodium hydroxide is mostly used in the field of industry. To be more precise, chemical industry uses around 56% of sodium hydroxide, while the paper industry uses 25% of the same total. This caustic soda flake – NaOH is mostly in form of solution, for it is easier to handle and cheaper. Sodium hydroxide is also used for the production of sodium salts and detergents, for organic synthesis, and for pH regulation. Caustic soda flake is used in the Bayer process of aluminum manufacture. In the same industry, crude oil with poor quality can be treated with caustic soda flake to remove sulfurous impurities in one process known as caustic washing. As above, reaction between caustic soda flake – NaOH with weak acids like mercaptans and hydrogen sulfide to give the removable non-volatile sodium salts. Then, it forms waste such as toxic, which is difficult to deal with. That is why such process is banned in numerous countries because of this waste.

Moreover, caustic soda flake – NaOH is useful in the tissue digestion. The sodium hydroxide is used to digest tissue, which is shown in a process used with farm animals at one time. Then, caustic is useful for dissolving the amphoteric compounds and metals. Such caustic soda flake – NaOH also used in the transesterification and esterification reagent. Other uses of caustic include leaning agent, food preparation, paint stripping, drain cleaning, moving of vegetable fat, and so on. You can purchase this caustic at a trusted chemical store called PT.Nuansa Kimia Sejati of which official website is In this website, you will be able to learn a complete information on caustic soda flake – NaOH. Should you have any further question or need a deeper information on this caustic soda flake – NaOH, you can click the contact us button on the website and wait for their response. In fact, is a practical way to order the caustic soda flake – NaOH to be used for our purpose.