Caustic Soda Micropearl

Caustic Soda Micropearl are processed by high technology membrane electrolysis method in Japan and one of the best quality available in the market.

Caustic Soda Micro Pearls are white mini pearls solid color- and odorless and very hygroscopic. This Pearls are very easily soluble in water and dissolve very fast to be a caustic soda solution and it will releasing a lot of heat; This NaOH very easy to be solved in methanol and ethanol. Caustic Soda Micro Pearls and caustic soda solutions are high corrosive chemical to many materials and have to be handled with extra cautious. Wearing protective clothes, gloves, and safety glass are a must.

Caustic Soda Micropearl
Caustic Soda Micropearl

Caustic Soda Micro Pearls Tosoh Japan

Homogenous of the particle size of our Caustic Soda Microprills is one of advantages. Same size diameter of each pearl, which is very important when it comes to the produce cleaning formulations where proper blending properties are required and same equally shaped particles are a concern.

Comparing to conventional flakes form of common shape of caustic soda, our Caustic Soda Microprills offer significant advantages:

• Very low tendency to stick and agglomerate or caking
– Good Free flowing properties
• Distinguished for air lifting
• Highly resistant to abrasion
• Low dust formation
• Packed well suited for transportation in road tankers, containers and bags
• Stable and storable in silo installations
• High accurate dosage during application
• High dissolving speed in water, methanol and ethanol

Caustic Soda Micro Pearls are used in many different industries and applications, mainly as basic chemical for the production of aluminum, pulp and paper, surfactants, bar soaps, detergents, and washing powder, and as catalyst for the production of biodiesel.

The other applications are as cleaning agent, for degreaser and paint stripper, construction materials, manufacturing of cellulose and refining of rayon fibers, metal and wood cleaning, regeneration of ion-exchange resins, production of food and beverages, for neutralization purposes, pH-adjustment and treatment of drinking water and industrial water, treatment of waste water, sewage and waste air cleaning.


Appearance White Micro Pearls
NaOH%Min 98.5
Na2CO3%Max 1.0
NaCL%Max 0.05
Fe2O3ppmMax 40
Heavy Metal (Pb)ppmMax 15
Arsenic (As2O3)ppmMax 1.0
Mercury (Hg)ppmMax 0.10