We distribute Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate , which is used as a fertilizer. It is also used as a mordant in dyeing wool, manufacturing of ink and as a substitute for aluminum sulfate in water purification. Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate is a green, monoclinic crystals and generated as a by-product during the manufacturing of Titanium Dioxide or as a by-product of the pickling of steel.

Ferrous sulphate heptahydrate
Photo of Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate, iron(II) sulphate

Applications :

  • Water treatment
  • Fertilizers
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Hazardous waste treatment

Special Features :

  • Free flowing
  • Low content of insoluble
  • Homogeneous mixtures
  • Long storage stability in dry state
  • Very Low impurities