The Nature and Uses of Sodium Nitrate – NaNo3

Sodium nitrate – NaNo3

is a compound with solubility in water characteristic and often refered to as sodium saltpeter or soda niter. Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 is also known as Chile saltpeter or Peru saltpeter since the compound is found in large amount in these two countries. Among the other nitrate minerals, Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 is found to be the most abundant category.

The Nature of Sodium Nitrate – NaNo3
The physical characteristic of Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 is powdery, but it is also found in the shape of rhombohedral crystals or big granular. Transparent to white is the color of Sodium nitrate – NaNo3, but it can turn into lemon yellow, gray, or reddish brown when impurities are involved. Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 has a density of 2.257 g/cm3, 1.5 to 2 on Mohs scale of hardness with specific gravity 2.266. Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 melts in 308°C, and in higher temperatures, Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 decomposes into NaNO2 and O2. At 25°C, its percentage of solubility in water is 47.6 percent, while at 100°C it is 64.3 percent.

The industrial preparation of Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 involves the reaction of nitric acid and Na2CO3 solutions or known as soda ash.

2 HNO3 + Na2CO3 ? 2 NaNO3 + H2O + CO2

The reaction between amonium nitrate and sodium hydroxide or sodium bicarbonate can also be used the synthesis of Sodium nitrate – NaNo3.

NH4NO3 + NaOH ? NaNO3 + NH4OH
NH4NO3 + NaHCO3 ? NaNO3 + NH4HCO3

The Uses of Sodium Nitrate – NaNo3
Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 has been used industrially in a number of work fields ranging from agriculture to food industry. Serving the agricultural purposes, Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 is used to make fertilizers. As one of the fertilizer’s ingredients, Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 acts as the substance that increases the amount of nitrogen contained in the soil. Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 is considered as the suitable ingredient for the purpose due to its 16% of nitrogen as well as the under 2% of moisture feature.

The amount of nitrogen in the soil is crucial since it helps the roots of the plants to grow thicker and stronger as the carbon production is increased. Other than Sodium nitrate – NaNo3, soil fertilizers also contain two other main ingredients which are potassium and phosphorus. The fertilizer with Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 ingredient has a number of beneficial qualities such as hygroscopic, easy to spread, and fairly steady consistency during storage. Plants like sugar beets, root vegetables, barley, and wheat are grown best with fertilizers containing Sodium nitrate – NaNo3.

The agriculture field also uses Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 to make pesticides. Pests that can ruin the plants like mice, rats, bugs, insects, and even raccoons and skunks can be overcome by pesticides that contains Sodium nitrate – NaNo3. Instead of poisoning the pests in a direct manner, Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 combusts charcoal by chemically reacting with sulfur or other substances.

Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 is also involved in the manufacture of fireworks as one of its important ingredients. The reaction of Sodium nitrate – NaNo3, barium chloride, and calcium chloride results in the breathtaking colors of fireworks. As the combustion takes place, the atoms of Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 and the other two burning metal salts create different colors. These colors reflect the amount of energy released during the combustion.

Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 is antimicrobial and it makes Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 used largely in the food industry as preservatives. Food preserves with Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 is safe, and should not be confused with Sodium nitrite as it is carcinogenic. Approaching the end of 19th century, Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 is also used as a raw material in manufacturing gunpowder. When combined with iron hydroxide, Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 can result in resin. The wastewater industry uses a lot of Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 as well. In this industry, Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 becomes a very important substance for facultative microorganism respiration. You can easily get Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 from a reliable chemical company like PT. Nuansa Kimia Sejati. If you prefer to make the best use of your internet, you can visit its official website at Browse through it and look for comprehensive information on Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 or other chemical products. For more information on how to obtain Sodium nitrate – NaNo3 from this company, simply click the “Contact Us” section within the website.